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Genesis - SalesTub was conceptualised in March 2020, as we realised the importance and dependence of IT on our daily lifestyle. Starting from a need of a pen to A.C., whether for household or corporate set up, the consumers/ clients are looking for the same by using online platforms. Since most of the requirements generated online are system driven. It is pertinent to ensure customised robust IT-driven enabled services are available to cater to both the segments i.e.

Corporates/Clients and End Users/Customers. Accordingly, SalesTub is on its way to set up user-friendly path-breaking technologies for Corporates, Manufacturers, Health Experts, Hospitals, Educators, and Tour& Travel Service Providers etc. using artificial intelligence.

Technology has dramatically changed our lives. There has been a tremendous transformation in the business processes. Be it HR or inventory management, from products to people, we are downright dependent on IT and IT-enabled services. We have thus made it our purpose to serve all such businesses that realize the significance of technology and help them work a way through, in order to boost their sales and reputation. We promise to help your business gather momentum, which it might be missing with our assured services in the field. With Artificial Intelligence as the key to all these services, we guarantee you favourable results. All you need to do is trust us and our team, the best outcome would be on its way to usher your business to the pinnacle of success.

Vision - SalesTub envisions to integrate each requirement of a user (whether a corporate / client) at the click of a button thereby enabling doorstep service. We intend to be at your service, round the clock from any part of the world. We envisage a world, where our clients aren’t deprived of the marvellous impact of IT and IT-enabled services on their businesses today. Their businesses become so much technologically empowered that failure becomes rare in their pursuit.

Mission - To create a genre of Geeks under different segments i.e. App Developer|Software DeveloperWeb Developers|Graphic Designers|Programmers|Artificial Intelligence Experts/Scientists.

To be able to combine their skills and knowledge into such a talent pool that is ready to provide you with the best IT services in the market would be our sole mission. Their mindsets and skills would bring in creativity and help you plan strategies to mitigate the risk of losing customers and increasing profits.

This will also lead to technical talent generation in our coming generations, letting us help the society become a better and more technologically enabled place to live in.

Strategy - SALESTUB believes in harnessing and grooming talent, whether you are a software/website/android/iOS developers, Graphic designers, .Net developers etc.  Our back end team does extensive research in order to understand the needs/requirements of a corporate/ client. We analyse the existing gaps, rope in our experts and devise strategies/plans to plug the gaps using IT support and services. ATH Geeks are enabled in every manner (i.e. Knowledge wise, Skill-wise, Speed and unrelenting spirit) to meet the Deadlines. Our team is well enabled to provide state of the art service using path-breaking technologies to our esteemed clients/ end users. We adopt a holistic approach and diligently ensure to cover all risks before providing any custom made solutions to end-users.

To be more appropriate, “your business’s wish is our command”. After getting a clear picture of what exactly is that you expect from us, we meticulously plan to fulfil your demands. Our diverse team carefully spends its time and thoughts on improving your business. Not just that, our trained and skilled professional sum up their talents and with the help of IT, we come put with the best possible solution. There’s a lot of brainstorming, elimination of ideas, comparison of alternatives before we finalize a solution. This solution goes through all the screening and filtering so that the outcome is as you desired.

Services offered - SALESTUB provides a host of services such as App Development (Android/iOS), Website Development, User Graphic Interface, Software’s etc. by enhancing the client/customer interaction experience.

It could take hundreds or thousands of pages to literally explain the advantages of IT services to your business and yet again the field would come up with some other different advantages, restraining from limiting the expanse of its commendable services. With the advent of the internet and technology, we witnessed a significant change in various aspects, from order processing to consumer behaviour. Most importantly we realize that in order to increase the satisfaction level and number of our customers we need to be very specific about our man-machine interface. We thus help you to develop such sites and apps that help you to retain as many customers as you can and improve customer engagement through excellent content and graphics.

Clientele base –Manufacturing is a vital process. While a company manufactures its products with the intent to cover as much market as it can, it becomes necessary for such business to keep track of all that has been done and all that needs to be done. Various software has facilitated the completion of such cumbersome tasks with just a few clicks and basic computer knowledge. Again, with the improves the standard of living of the people, people now like to invest more on travel, comfort, etc, part of which should be credited to increased awareness as well.

SALESTUB covers the following segments,  Manufacturing Sector (PHARMA/FMCG/ELECTRONICS/TEXTILE/AGRO etc.), Service sector  (ITES services, IT support, Payments, Recharges, Travel & Hotel bookings etc.) across PAN INDIA and around the world to help businesses to boost their sales and improve market size.

Locations covered – the Internet is all about turning the whole world into this global village. How could we not keep in mind the primary purpose of it? We thus provide our services 24X7 across PAN INDIA & around the world. You are freed from the pressure of waiting for an entire day for the operating hours of our organisation. We’ve managed to be able to connect with our vastly distributed customer/client base without letting distance obstruct our path.

 Our services aren’t bottled up to serve a limited set of audience, rather we believe in the potency of this worldwide connection that can help us offer you best IT services, anywhere across the world.

Tie-ups – Speaking of our presence worldwide, we leave no stone unturned to ensure your ease of access to our services. Our services aren’t just limited to a particular state or country, just like our customers and connections. We’ve thus tied up with renowned IT organisations to reach our customers or clients in any part of the world.

 SALESTUB has decided to tie up with renowned international IT giants from Israel and other parts of the world in order to expend Information Technology.

Future Targets- SALESTUB aspires to be a game-changer in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Since Artificial Intelligence remains vastly unexplored, we look forward to updating our skills and services with the discoveries that lay ahead of us. We don’t want to be left behind in the race of delivering our consistent performance. Everything turns obsolete after some time. Constant improvement in our field is the major focus of our team and organisation.

After all, it is going to decide the success of our business which is indirectly dependent on the well – being of your business.

What makes SALESTUB stand out of the crowd?

SALESTUB has been established with an objective of making the market technology competent and to help enterprises to transform their businesses digitally.

Customer is our foremost priority and foundation of SALESTUB.

Unique Business Strategy

We provide our customers with high-end digital services and personalized online tools experience. We enable our clients and customers to go with the technologically changing world.

We guide them to build as a brand and improve the quality of services or product they serve. We create, innovate and implement leading-edge tools to help out other enterprises.



We have a strong IT tech support team and a professional customer care team to hear you out. We understand your issues and concerns about your business, hence we have built a team of IT experts.

Our SALESTUB IT customer support team is highly skilled and technology lover people. the team is available to provide you with online customer support 24 x 7 x 365.

SALESTUB team members are IT educated and experts, we provide our clients with complete software installation guidance and support.

We offer advanced training programs to assist our clients by providing them with online training to tackle their technical issues.

We keep transparency between our services and customer services to deliver the best.


Tools / Advanced Technology

SALESTUB is working on leading-edge technologies and innovate new solutions to improve the workings of their clients' enterprises. We have seen the increasing digitalization and advancement of technology, therefore we are bringing the enterprises and technology together.

Our services include:

        Cloud Services

        IoT Solutions and Services

        Internet Products and Services

        AI Servies and Technology

        Digital Business Transformation Solutions

        Digital Marketing Services

        Social Media Management Services

        Advanced SEO Services


Special Customize Services

We build business solutions and continuously creating a community revolving around technologies and innovations. We provide extremely personalized digital services centralized customer's interest and choices.


We develop Business Automation Frameworks and integrate those frameworks with our clients' enterprises. The objective of SALESTUB is to generate maximum possible ROI and improve the KPI. We enable enterprises to incorporate our digital services and drive their businesses towards advancement every day.

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